Lonnie Sortor

About Lonnie Sortor

As a husband, father, and business owner, I have had the pleasure of living and working in California for more than 20 years.  Our family made Northern California our home in late 2001.  It is there that we raised our three sons, got involved in the community, served in the church, and ultimately decided to step out on faith and run for Governor.  As parents, we have taught our sons to serve others, have integrity, be of good character, be honest, have a good work ethic,and put others before yourself.  It was time to show them what that looks like in action.  It is with these same values that I ran for Governor of this great state of California.  

I ran for Governor because, as a “Free American” I am fed up with the nonsense.  Never before has California been so far off course that the people have no confidence in the leadership of this great state.  Our voices have been muzzled by the drumbeats of a “stand for nothing, fall for anything” agenda.  That agenda has driven a wedge between both sides of the aisle.  The overreach of current and former administrations have taken liberty with our individual freedoms.  The leadership of our state has forgotten that the very freedoms they are trying to destroy were not given by man.  They are given to each person by our God who created them.  Men and women alike have risked their lives protecting these freedoms.  The current policies being pushed out of Sacramento are nothing more than a slap in the face to these brave and selfless American Patriots.  We the people of California will no longer accept mediocrity.  We will not cower to threats of punishment for making decisions for our families that are right for them.  We will not allow Government to divide our families or social groups.  We will no longer go along with the status quo.  It is time to return the voice to the people.  We need a leader that is for the people.  Now is our time.

Lonnie Sortor
I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees under the yoke of another man.

- Unknown